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Created 13-Aug-18
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Welcome to the Custom Animated GIF and MP4 gallery for the 2018 Toledo Jeep Fest held on Saturday, August 11, 2018 in downtown Toledo in our tent on the corner of St. Clair and Madison.

The GIFs are posted as GIF files and MP4 files due to the differences in posting abilities on the different social media sites. The GIFs are first followed by the Walk-About Photos then finally the MP4 videos.

The photos included in this gallery were taken at the event in the Vendor Midway using our new Walk-About Social Booth where we bring the party to You!

Feel free to download and share your selfies on your favorite social media sites. Thank you for using Kurt Nielsen Photography Photo Entertainment!

For more information about my Walk-About Social Booth or any of my other photo booths or photography, please visit my website or call me at (419) 885-7153.

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